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Want to show the world that you have made a conscious choice about what text editor rules them all? Check out my "I VIM" t-shirt.
UPDATE: Now you can have the sticker version as well.

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Content as Data

Today’s CMS is ill-suited to meet tomorrow’s increased demands on contextuality and user experience. To explain this further, I held a talk about how you should see content as data.

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Some of my open-source projects


Talk is a node module to help you abtract the way your node applications talk to each.


A lightweight, super simple discovery tool for finding nodes (or services) in your network


Running selenium test with nodejs and webdriverjs is pretty simple, but requires you to start the selenium server from the command line. This bundle takes care of the server for you, so you can jump right into writing tests.

Oauth 2-legged strategy for passport

Oauth strategy used for a 2-legged scenario (even called 0-legged). Its a consumer to server authentication where each request is signed as defined in oauth but an empty access_token is used.


Webdriverjs lets you control a browser or a mobile application with just a few lines of code. It connects to selenium/webdriver and makes testing as easy as writing 10 rows of code.


FRNT is a middleware module for express 3.0+ that proxies your content server. Use it to simplify your front-end, cache and speed of your site.

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