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Want to show the world that you have made a conscious choice about what text editor rules them all? Check out my "I VIM" t-shirt.
UPDATE: Now you can have the sticker version as well.

architecture cad cms patterns

Content as Data

Today’s CMS is ill-suited to meet tomorrow’s increased demands on contextuality and user experience. To explain this further, I held a talk about how you should see content as data.

component javascript react

Why react js

I began using react js pretty late but like it so far. It solves a couple of problems without being a huge framework. Here are my four top reasons why you should consider it as well.

colours javascript

Mixing real colours with javascript (yellow + blue = green)

Have you ever needed to mix colours in javascript? And did you want the result to be the same as what you learned as a kid, i.e. blue + yellow = green? If you have and didn't get the results you expected, just read on.

frontend nodejs wordpress

Improve wordpress with nodejs

A good CMS might not always mean a good front-end developing environment. Take wordpress, which has a great admin UI, but templating with php can be a mess. In comes nodejs, which can act as a front-end server and give you access to both great template engines, great cache possibilities and much more control.

nodejs oauth security

Adding 2-legged oauth security in node

Implementing a 2-legged oauth security in nodejs is so simple, that it just takes a just a few lines of code to secure your server.

javascript nodejs socketio workers

Distribute your workload

Sometimes we need our servers to do more than they can handle, at least in a short amount of time. So why not try to create a easy way to distribute the work among other servers? Even Ad hoc?

javascript testing

How to expose private functions for unit testing

Testing private functions in javascript is nothing we can do directly, but with some javascript tricks, we can create a helper method that exposes all private functions.

api control iot node plugwise

Part II: A basic nodejs plugwise API

Yesterday I wrote a blogpost at about controlling plugwise connected appliances with nodejs. Its kind of Part II of my previous post about one of my sideprojects (to control my espresso machine automagically before I get home).

control javascript nodejs plugwise server

Plugwise, espresso machines and nodejs

I recently started (yet another) project. I want to automatically have a warmed up espresso machine when I get home. My espresso machine (Rancilio Silvia) takes about 45 minutes to warm up, which means that I need to tell the machine to switch on when I’m on my way home from work.