Ok, so this i not a techinical post at all. But since I use VIM, and I'm proud of using it for very nerdy reasons, I created a t-shirt for all other proud VIM user.

I know that taking a stand on what code editor you choose is just nonsense. And I know that there are other editors that are equally capable (I dont really mean that). But sometimes you have to take a stand and choose something and be proud of it. And if it makes you feel good to define yourself as someone that has choosen something so niched as a text editor, well, then just do it.

I also created this t-shirt because when you are amongst other developers, its fun just to mark where you stand. But it's even more fun to be amongst people that dont know anything about development, and most importantly, dont care.

When you are visiting someone with a t-shirt saying "I VIM", they will need to ask you what it is.

Do you mean "I win"? "What that"? etc.

...and that's when you can tell them that it's a text editor and know that they think you are such a nerd and you can laugh for yourself proudly, because you know you are and you are proud of it.

You can find the t-shirt here: https://www.spreadshirt.se/i-vim-v20-A105955495#/detail/105955495


Get the sticker here: https://www.stickermule.com/marketplace/13161-i-vim