Want to use webdriverjs without needing to start the selenium-server separately? In that case, this is a bundle for you!

It includes the latest selenium standalone server, chromedriver and phantomjs.

How to use

First install webdriverjs and this bindle with npm:

npm install webdriverjs
npm install webdriverjs-selenium-bundle

Then just use it like this:

var webdriverjs = require("webdriverjs");
var wdjsSeleniumBundle = require("webdriverjs-selenium-bundle");

var client = webdriverjs.remote({ desiredCapabilities: { browserName: 'phantomjs' } });

// autostop makes sure that the selenium server is stopped after
// calling end().
client.use(wdjsSeleniumBundle({autostop: true}));

    .getTitle(function(err, title) {
        console.log("GITHUB TITLE: %s", title);

This will run webdriverjs as usual, but will start the selenium server when init() is called.